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  • 2019
    In 2019, with the expansion of production scale, Zhejiang Permanent Cable Co., Ltd build a new factory, the area is more than 80,000 mm². New chance and challenge , push us constantly innovation and breakthrough. Now we add the Computer Power Cables, Mineral Power Cable & Pvariable Frequency Power Cable, will be continuous research and development in the high-tech field.
  • 2016
    During 2016 to 2018, we got CE certificate and TUV certificate, and passed the third-party audit of SGS. From 2017 to 2018, we have made great progress in the field of new energy -- Photovoltaic Cable.
  • 2014
    In 2014, we got the ISO9001 certificate, and obtained the famous brand name--"Jiuyong"
    In 2015, “Jiuyong” rated as a famous trademark
  • 2013
    After 8 years development, our customers were in allover the world in 2013. The Africa, the Middle East and South America are our major markets, more than 60% of total annul sales. Same time, our company began to produce power cables for use in domestic projects and export.
  • 2006
    In 2006, our state strongly encouraged company do the export trading business, Zhejiang Permanent Cable Co., Ltd was start second transformation -- Exporting wires and cables. Under the leadership of General Manager Wang Yeli, our goods were sold to Africa, South America, Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.
  • 2005
    n 2005, under the leadership of president Wang Azhi, after 10 years development, Zhejiang Permanent Cable Co., Ltd was formally incorporated.
  • 1998
    Under the strong support of the state and good chance in 1998, Zhejiang Permanent Cable Co., Ltd was trying the first transformation----produce electric wires & cables, mainly to produce wires using for home and building. With strictly quality control and good service, gradually won the customers’ reputation, and expand the domestic market. Which indicating the first successful transformation of Permanent
  • 1995
    Zhejiang Permanent Cable Co., Ltd was established in 1995, based on a small family workshop. The factory only have 5 people including the the chairman - Wang Azhi at the first year of the establishment.In line with the call of the new China to vigorously develop productivity, we start the business, mainly production and sales of PVC particles.